What percentage do you spend sleeping in your lifetime ?

Enter your Date of Birth (D.O.B) and Average sleep time in hours to find out the percent of your life has spent for sleep.


Average Human & Non-Human Sleeping Time Chart:

Roe Deer3 Hours
Donkey3 Hours
Horse3 Hours
Sheep4 Hours
Cow4 Hours
Elephant4 Hours
Goat4 Hours
Giraffes4.5 Hours
Dolphin7 Hours
Dolphin7 Hours
Human8 Hours
Rabbit8 Hours
Guinea Pig8 Hours
Mole9 Hours
Dog9 Hours
Squirrel Monkey10 Hours
Chimpanzee10 Hours
Baboon10 Hours
Rhesus Monkey10 Hours
Hedgehog10 Hours
Fox11 Hours
Beaver11 Hours
Jaguar11 Hours
Gorilla12 Hours
Mouse13 Hours
Rat13 Hours
Wolf13 Hours
Chinchilla13 Hours
Raccoon13 Hours
Lions13.5 Hours
Hamster14 Hours
Platypuses14 Hours
Squirrel15 Hours
Gerbil Rat15 Hours
Cat15 Hours
Chipmunk15 Hours
Owl Monkey17 Hours
Opossum19 Hours
Bat20 Hours

Average human spends a third of his life sleeping.

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