How to measure your sleep efficiency for this night ?

A person spends a lot of the total time that they are in bed not actually asleep, than that is not considered to be sleep efficient. An efficient sleep leads to feelings of energy and being well-rested, while an inefficient sleep may lead to feelings of tiredness and restlessness.This calculator will shows you, how much percentage of sleep did you get on last night?.

How Many Hours Of Sleep You Got Last Night ?
How Long Does It Take You To Fall Asleep ?
How Long Does It Take To Wake Up Completely ?

How does sleep effieciency calculator works?

Today, sleep is not just a quantity issue but also a quality issue as well.This calculator helps you to find out the sleep efficiency percentage to ensure that you had quality sleep on everyday.

Just take a look at the amount of time you spend in bed asleep (minus all the awakenings you may have and how long it takes you to fall asleep), and divide it by the total time you spend in bed, you will get an estimate of the overall percentage of how efficiently you sleep.

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